Super-fine baby, facial and make-up

Super-fine baby, facial and make-up "silk" sponge - 9cm

Code: L090


Di: 9cm (3.5")


This is the ultimate super-fine grade so called "silk" sponge with a very fine super-soft cloud like feel. Perfect for babies, delicate skin and make-up.

Top quality Mediterranean sponges, the lesser Caribbean sponges are for other uses which rip and fall apart easily.

Natural sponges are sustainable care products made of a natural material that grows back very quickly. They thrive ecologically on underwater fields in the Mediterranean and are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner twice a year. A lot of manual work goes into the creation of a product that takes care of the skin with the natural strength of the sea and makes bathing a sensual beauty ritual.

Make it last, look after it by let it dry between uses

Origin: Greece

Made in Germany