Kaweco Skyline Sport Rollerball - Mint - Chrome logo

Kaweco Skyline Sport Rollerball - Mint - Chrome logo

Code: 10000773


L: 10.5cm (4.1")Di: 1.4cm (0.6")


Steel logo end cap and chrome signature logo.

The original classic compact Kaweco Sport pen was designed in 1911, with a comfortable Art Deco octagonal design. Known for their quality flow, it writes beautifully.

Compact at 10.5cm when closed, it extends to 13.5cm with the cap mounted on the barrel to become a standard size pen.

"Small in the pocket, large in the hand"

Very light, 13 grams. Comes with medium black Kaweco refill, replacement Kaweco Refills available. 

Screw cap stops prevents leaks in your bag or when travelling.

We can swap the refill for blue if you prefer.

Made in Heidelberg, Germany since 1833