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Red Cedar Blocks


Code: 445010


W: 9.5cm (3.7")H: 7.1cm (2.8")D: 5.1cm (2")

RED CEDAR BLOCKS - Care, Fragrance and moth protection for your favourite clothing. 

Use cedar wood products to deter moths from your clothing. Place 2-5 cedar pieces per wardrobe in such a way they are not covered by clothes. 2 pieces per draw or stroage compartment is sufficient. You can place the cedar items on a piece of paper to protect clothing from the oils in the cedar. When the scent begins to fade use a light grade sand paper to revive the scent. 

Size of each block: 7 x 5 x 2 cm

5 blocks per pack.  

Made in Germany 

*Biocide notice: Natural, biological agents to fight moths and other pests fall under biocide guidelines according to an EU directive and must be labelled with warnings.